Information for those wishing to have one or more of their canes sold at the Gala Auction, Saturday evening, October 11, 2008:


  1. The number of canes to be sold at the Auction will be approximately 20 due to the limited time available for the auction.
  2. The Committee will judge each cane submitted to determine the suitability for the Auction. If you have canes you wish to submit for the Auction, please send electronically a photo and description of the canes to Peter Robinson by September 20, 2008.
  3. Ten percent (10%) of the selling price of each cane will be retained by the Committee as a donation to the Conference.
  4. Notification date of acceptance of canes to be included in the Auction is September 29th.
  5. The individual seller will be responsible for obtaining the CITES documentation, packing and delivery of any cane sold at the Auction.